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Steve says his good-byes at our June 2001 luncheon.  He has been a reader for several years but has been transferred out of the area.  When he had to be away for several months, he recruited his own substitute but made sure the substitute understood that when he returned, Steve would resume with his reading.

In addition to reading the Montgomery Advertiser each morning of the week, our radio readers are busy with other programs for this service.  This is a list of some of the activities in which our readers are involved.


Norma had a program entitled "The Quiet Corner."

Under the direction of Norma, readers representing each group have given a performance of "Wuthering Heights" for their listeners.


Charles has a program entitled, "Pages From The Past."  He reads from books about Alabama, Montgomery, and the South.  Bryan and Cecil fill in for Charles when he is unable to read.

Carol produced a St. Patrick's Day program with her guests, Louise & Fay and a flautist who played Irish songs.

Fay has twice recorded guidelines for vendors for the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services and guidelines for Council on the Aging regarding housing.

(In the works)  Lois will be working with the Rosa Parks Museum Director to develop a cassette tour of the museum.


June checks with assisted living facilities in the Montgomery area to inform them about the Radio Reading Service and radio receivers which are available.


Jim has recorded the Visitors Center Tour for Montgomery which will be officially presented to them in January 2002.  

Kathy Midgley, Mrs. Alabama, has a program entitled, "Mrs. Alabama Shares Her Vision."  Carol and Norma fill in for her when she is away.  Kathy was a top ten finalist in the Mrs. America Pageant in Hawaii in 2001.

(In the works)  Gail will be working next spring with blind volunteers and the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts to develop a cassette tour of the Artworks Department.

Linda and Gail chair the Radio Reading Service Dutch Treat Luncheons three times a year for volunteer readers, representative blind listeners, our sponsors, the news media, and others who are interested in this service.  Our listeners give good input about the service.


Emmett, one of our substitute readers,  is contacting doctors' offices in the tri-county area to distribute the Radio Reading Service brochure which STAR has sponsored for our reading group.  (We have already had positive replies to his inquiry.)

In 2002, the WTSU Radio Readers team up with the Alabama Public Library Service's Regional Library for the Blind to record Talking Books (on tape) by Alabama authors.  The Talking Books will be made available to the Library's 6000 clients.

As you can see, we are a very busy group and we all enjoy it.


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