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About three times each year, all the readers from the WTSU's Radio Reading Service are invited to get together for a luncheon, along with Dr. Flinn, our sponsors, our listeners, and other people who are interested in our service .  This is always an enjoyable occasion and all the readers from each group get to know each other, sometimes discovering that they already know people in reading groups other than their own.  Occasionally, there will be representatives from the various news media to film, take photos, and do interviews, and we are very pleased and fortunate to be able to spread the news about our Radio Reading Service.  At the end of the luncheon, there are door prizes which are given out by Linda and Gail, who chair the Radio Reading Service Dutch Treat Luncheons.
The photos below are from the luncheon at the Corinna's.


Jimmy, Debbie and Fara

Karl is interviewed by WAKA-TV's Nicondra Norwood


Loletha and DeWayne Brown of Hot 105 
with Jimmy and Debbie in background


Fay talks with Evelyn, Josie, Mary and Louise

Karl presents a new sponsor's contribution to the Radio Reading Service


A good view of the group, with Karl to the right

Don speaks to the group


Loletha presents a plaque to the readers to show her appreciation 

Mimi, Gail, Jim and Linda pause for the photo op

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